Vehicle Fundraiser

  Why do we need a vehicle in Uganda?  New Hope is located about 2 hours north of the capital Kampala.  Like in Alaska we are used to driving long distances to get groceries and household items.  This will be the case in Uganda as well.  Kampala has places to pick up some of our needs so a reliable vehicle will allow us to get supplies for living in the more remote part of Uganda.  Also there are satellite ministries that New Hope has which I will need to travel to as part of the media development program.  Kobwin Children’s Center is about 12 hours away and Musana Camps is closer to Kampala at about 3 hours away.  Having a vehicle will allow us to get to these destinations safely.  So with that in mind………

We had an idea” for raising funds for a vehicle.  With the sale of our vehicle here we will need to raise some more money to add to the pot so we can get a vehicle in Uganda.  The import taxes make vehicles there rather expensive.  So here is the idea.  Troy has been making beaver hats since he moved to Alaska.  We love being able to use the natural resources Alaska has to offer from fishing and trapping, and these hats keep many Alaskans warm in the winter.  This is a signature Alaskan garment made with suede and beaver fur, lined with fleece, all hand sewn over many hours.

Since this is a fundraiser we will be selling these for way more than we normally do, but it’s for a good cause.  You can purchase them elsewhere for hundreds cheaper but that wont help us.  So, here is your chance to get a piece of Alaska, hand-made by Troy as well as supporting the work in Uganda.

hat 2 Hat 1 hat 4 hat 3

He will only be making 5 of these and they will be given to those who wish to donate $500 towards our vehicle.  Remember it is a fundraiser!

Since trapping and hunting are part of our culture in Alaska we would like to offer 5 lynx hides for the same cause.  These are tanned and ready to be shipped.

 (1) lynx

You can choose between the lynx hide or the beaver hat for a donation of $500.  Yes, you can find them elsewhere for way cheaper. But, if you were wanting to be apart of our fundraising team, this is your chance to take something home from Alaska.

5 beaver hats

5 Tanned lynx hides

10 $500 donations + our money = Uganda vehicle

Don’t wait!

Here’s how to secure your hat or lynx.  Just call Troy and place your order!

(907) 259-5298  or email

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