Home for the Holidays


We have not fallen off the face of the earth! We are alive and have made it safely to Colorado where we drove through snow storm Echo to reach “home” for the next few months. Currently we are watching snow fall from snow storm Ferris from Sarah’s parents’ home in the mountains. When did they start naming snow storms?! It feels good to have made it to our home away from home and to settle for a while. In a couple more weeks we should be unpacked in our temporary house and settling back into a routine.

Snoqualmie falls

We feel so blessed for the opportunities our time in Uganda has allowed us to reconnect with friends and family members, new and old, whom we otherwise would only know from a distance. We spent October in Alaska and were able to meet our new pastor and family. It was great to spend time with our sending church and dear friends and share about Uganda. November took us to Washington where we were able to spend great time with Troy’s side of the family and celebrate Thanksgiving together. The boys got to reconnect with all their cousins on the Dolge side and they made great memories. From there we headed to Oregon where we got to see Sarah’s aunts, uncles and 1st, 2nd and 3rd cousins. It was so special for our kids to meet family members for the first time.

S. Oregon

old power line

Moving East, we spent some good time with Sarah’s sister and family in Arizona before making our final push to Colorado. In the midst of all that travel, our youngest turned two years old and our oldest turned thirteen years old. We are now the parents of a teenager! Pray for us! 😉


Our Christmas this year looks vastly different from our Christmas last year. We went from hot, dry and dusty to a snowy Christmas in the Rocky Mountains. We went from being surrounded by beautiful dark faces to being with family in the US. Jesus is still the reason for our celebration, but we are and were definitely worlds apart from one year to the next. We miss Uganda, so many people and the clear sense of purpose in our lives. It’s a little strange to be back, even though we have the video project to finish for New Hope. Our hearts and minds are having a hard time catching up with the changes we’ve experienced in recent months.


When we set off for Uganda, we didn’t anticipate all these extra blessings of reconnecting with family members and friends and we are so thankful! I wish we could have met up with each and every one of you! Thanks for standing with us and praying for us.

Sarah and the boys and they settle back into school. It’s been a long break with all the travel!
Trigger as he adjusts to all these new surroundings. Uganda is what he mostly knows and life has been very unsettled for him since September. He misses his Ugandan brothers.

Safe travels for nearly 7,000 miles!
Precious time with family and friends
You, our faithful supporters and prayer partners!
Christmas time with Sarah’s parents
A home God clearly provided for our family while we’re in Colorado

Merry Christmas!

Rock House

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