Last days

Yet another long delayed update from us is here.  Everyone here is grateful we have internet in the first place but we sure miss it when its gone.  We have has some issues lately with the stability of the internet.


Musana Camps

We have been keeping busy with some trips around Uganda.  The family traveled to Musana Camps, which is part of New Hope.  I intended to get some aerial shots to build a road map for the camp.  The day after we arrived there was a fire that came through and turned it all black.  Not the best for map making.  But we got some shots and well do our best to get something to use as a camp map.  We were also able to help out around Musana for a few days which was good for us.


Trig on the beach o Lk Victoria

No trip to Musana is complete with out a trip to the beach and a swim in Lake Victoria.


Boys going for a swim


Fishing boats

Troy and the older boys traveled to Kobwin to get some video footage for a promotional.  They hope to get a primary school build on the site for the children. Lots of footage that will be edited once we get home to the States.  Its a full days drive to Kobwin and we ended up doing it in two days which helps.  The boys reconnected with some friends and we enjoyed family time devotions with the kids at Kobwin.  The night music and singing is one of a kind.  I wish I had the bandwidth to upload some video.




Kobwin village

We board the plane September 29th at 1am.  Land in Alaska the same day at 7pm.  Time travel is possible.  We have mixed emotions and hard good byes ahead.   There is also a chance of us returning to Musana Camp for a few months next year to cover for one of the staff who will be on home service.  This is a new development so well share more this later as it develops.  Thanks you all for your support and prayers on this journey of ours.

Kobwin Children’s Center

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