The last 6 weeks of our lives flew by! We had our first visitor from the states who came to stay with us and do short term missions here at New Hope. She came and served in our house in the mornings and then on to the baby house in the afternoons. What a blessing to have a young lady around who saw a need and took it upon herself to meet that need without being asked. I’m horrible about asking because I often don’t see the need until I’m in it or finished and then I realize it would have been nice to have help! She just stepped in and got it done and blessed my socks off in the process! Often times I caught myself thinking, “So this is what it would have been like to have had a daughter!” 😉


It was a joy to show her around this beautiful country. We couldn’t have done it without her contributions and it was so special to show her places we have grown to love here in Uganda. We even got to see lions for the first time in the wild, and two male elephants trying to show each other who was going to be boss in a few years! Amazing! We got closer to hippos and crocodiles than I will ever be comfortable with and it was an adventure for sure!


Her coming was timely as we were able to attend the burial of Ammon’s uncle without all the kids in tow. I was able to stay at the burial longer and pray with his aunt and show her Jesus’ love the best I know how without having to rush back to check on the boys. Life is beautiful, but it is also sad. Her being here allowed me to live the sadness and the beauty with the people we do life with here in Uganda.


Emily, thank you for coming to Uganda and giving of yourself. I know you learned a lot, but you gave us a lot and we are so thankful to have had the past 6 weeks of your life with US! You were a joy to have and are welcome back any time!!!



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