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Lightning off in the distant

We wanted to update the recent activities here at New Hope and beyond. Its been a busy spring at the Dolgehut.  The rains are back and life is growing agin.  It takes time to adjust to life in Africa and the pull to keep past customs and culture is strong. Struggles arise when cultures clash and being able to adapt is becoming more important to us. One of the most challenging yet fun challenges is driving. As Uganda develops and more and more people have vehicles the roads become a dangerous place to be. The taxi drivers have one goal, fill the taxi with people and drive. If they want to pull over and let someone out they slam on the brakes and let them out. If they get off the road it’s a good thing but most times they stop mostly in the road and your forced to go around. Hopefully no one is coming. The little villages or towns spring up right on the road system and then the markets are there as well, selling what they can to make a living.  Having a public market on a highway is not the safest idea.  It’s an experience like no other.  I don’t have any good pictures of the chaos but some day I’ll pull over and get some pictures of traffic.


Huge root system

We had a chance to go to Entebbe for the weekend and meet some returning missionaries.  We are glad to have our neighbors back at New Hope.  While we were there we took the boys to a garden where trees have been spared from the axe and have had a chance to grow. When left to grow they do just that, and become giants.  I can only imagine whats growing deep in the bush where no one has cultivated.


see the boys at the bottom

 When driving around town you can count on seeing something that is strange or unexpected, like a camel walking down the road, or huge marabou storks hanging out on the side of the road. They are on the ugly list of animals. The boys had a chance to go to the shores of Lake Victoria and watch fishermen bring in their catch. Fishing is a lifestyle and rarely done for recreation.  Its almost like substance fishing in Alaska. Day in and day out they bring in their catch. Some of the Nile perch brought in are huge.


Sarah’s camel



We spent one night in Kampala with some friends and got to see the city at night, which is a whole other culture in itself. But the city is growing and there is a pulse to it that you have to join or trying to navigate the city will be difficult. Mostly due to traffic. Sitting for an hour at an intersection in the African heat =  thank God for air-conditioning.  It was good to get to know our new friends and the work God is doing with them in the Universities in Kampala.  They are wonderful hosts.





There was a basketball tournament a couple of weeks ago where New Hope advanced to the next round in a few weeks. Trigger wanted to play and found some new friends to teach him the ropes.  He makes friends wherever he goes.  The New Hope team will be traveling to the south for the finals.


Trigger playing ball

Troy continues to film the institute and install internet systems.  DHCP, bridging, DNS, POE, firewalls, and  all sorts of confusing acronyms are being learned.
 New Hope is developing as well.. They are in need of a full-time computer/internet/IT systems person to manage it all, just in case your interested or know someone who is.


Boys on Lake Victoria

Here we see some of the traps used by poachers in the bush for catching what ever they can.  Most of these are just home-made traps put out in to catch what ever walks by.  Stories are told of catching people even.  These were all taken with in the compounds of a rhino sanctuary.  Only 16 or 18 rhinos are in Uganda, one of which is at the zoo, the rest are this sanctuary.


Taylor is now a cattle herder here at New Hope.  All the boy’s head down and help milk, herd and learn about the cows from the Uncles who work there.


I was asked to take some pictures at a wedding last month.  Little did I know there were 5 other photographers there as well, some with just phones.  The Uganda wedding style of photography is “in your face” style.  I couldn’t bring myself to get in the middle of the wedding.  It’s different for sure, but when in Rome…  I don’t think I am cut out for weddings.  As you can see the bride and groom are behind the photographers up front.


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