A typical Saturday morning is not what it once was. We used to get up slow and easy and it was a relaxing family day, unless we were away on a hockey weekend. Those weekends were not too many for our family. Trig really doesn’t know what it means to sleep in, so we now we get up and get going! Troy makes a yummy French toast breakfast and the boys catch up on dishes. Sometimes Allan and Ammon come early enough to join us. Jared usually comes later after he’s already worked in his own garden. These boys are hardworking boys!


Alan and Gared

Every Saturday is different as far as projects we’re working on. This weekend we need to get a fence in place around our garden to keep the cows out. Every place has its pests. In Alaska you have to deal with moose and rabbits. In Africa you have cows and bugs! We are tired of our plants being trampled by the local cows, so we are putting up a fence to keep them out. Allan and Jared are working hard at attaching the pole to metal posts with wire. This should do the trick.


our garden

A Saturday morning is not about cartoons and lazing around the house anymore. The boys have quail, chickens (we now have 3 new chicks in our brood of hens thanks to Mr. Rooster!) and pigs to clean up after and feed and water. There is grass to slash and weeds to pull. After all these chores are finished, the boys get to have some fun with friends and games. Today, the game of choice is Settlers of Catan and the kids are trading and bartering like crazy.




Most Saturday afternoons, weather permitting, Troy starts up the charcoal bbq and grills some local pork. Today we are changing things up a bit and will buy Tilapia from the local market. We love pork, but fish is a nice change! We usually send Allan on the boda (motorcycle) to Kiwoko to buy our produce for the week. He buys potatoes, local sweet potatoes (different from the orange ones in the states), tomatoes, green peppers, onions, carrots and garlic…all the ingredients we use daily for our beans and rice. If the boys hang out long enough Troy gives them a stick of meat fresh off the grill and they head home from there.


Amon and Trig

After a full day and full bellies…oh and showers…we settle down with a movie and some relaxation at last! I love Saturdays! I love the interaction and the hustle and bustle of having the extra boys around me. I love the chance to attempt once more to make beans as tasty as Auntie Olivia’s. I love that Trig knows them all by name and wants them to hold him and take him to see the chee-chees (chickens) and he trusts them. I trust them. I love that my boys wrestle with them and know them so well to tease and play. They are like family. They are like big brothers to my boys. I do miss a quiet Saturday every now and then, but I would not trade our busy Saturdays for not knowing and feeding and loving these boys who come every week and more.

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