It’s time to de-worm.

Yep…you heard me right!

Deworming is one of the pleasures of life in Uganda! Every six months it’s in our best interest to take medicine to kill the worms in our tummies. Some say it’s a good idea to take the medicine again two weeks after the first dose to also kill the eggs which were already laid by the worms.


In Alaska, we needed to prepare for such things as the common cold or a stomach bug. We would gear up and buy Echinacea and other medicinal teas. What a far cry from tea we have come! There are so many strange things to consider here. Is my tummy upset because of worms, parasites, amoebas, a food I ate or is it simply a stomach bug?

Well, come and get us worms because we are armed and ready for you!!!


For those interested in gross things, here are a few of the worms we might have living inside of us right now!


On another note, this is the view of Troys work at the Institute.  Filming away, about 150 hrs on film now.


Did you know that cameras have a thermometer inside.  This thing shuts down when it gets to hot.  A problem not anticipated.

Here are a couple pictures of a trip to the equator.



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