Support Request


Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all from Uganda! We hope your holidays are full of special memories and joy. We have been enjoying our time here learning to do life a little differently and having our first snowless Christmas. We had our Jonathan Family members join us for Christmas Eve dinner. Not all the kids are able to leave for the school break because they don’t have a safe home to return to. We went to church on Christmas and enjoyed a community meal with staff and church members. We had some old traditions, but mostly new ones and it truly was a memorable, special Christmas for our family.

We have been here nearly six months and are seeing relationships deepen. We have finished another unit in our home school curriculum and are taking a break for Christmas. Home school continues to be a challenge with Trigger in the mix, but we are making progress.


Senior 4 graduation


The beginning of December was a series of celebrations as the Senior 4 students finished up their end of term testing and graduated. It was so special to be here for Claire at this milestone in her life. At the same time, Mid-December is a mass exodus as most students travel to a relative or caretaker away from New Hope until the end of January. After the craziness of graduation and end of school celebrating, it became eerily quiet as most of the kids left. The rains have nearly stopped and the weather is getting hotter. The roads are dusty and the dry season is upon us.


In January, Troy starts filming for the New Hope Institute of Childcare and Family. This will keep him busy for many months. He will also be taking over the IT department after he completes some training in Congo or Ghana… wherever the right training is available. This is a new development for us. The current IT guy is leaving NHU next summer and Troy is the best fit for the job.


One of the many things we are learning as missionaries is dependence…dependence on God and also on our supporters. To be dependent requires humility. Having to ask for things is so different from just going and getting what you need from the money you make. In preparing for our time in Uganda, Troy spent a significant amount of his paycheck on camera equipment, worked extra hours, sold most of our belongings and yet there are things he still wasn’t able to purchase.


We have two requests to bring to the frontline:

  1. We need to raise our monthly support.  We are not able to pay for our housing here at NH, or save for our plane tickets home.  We should have called more people and talked to you directly, asking for your support in this, but we are still learning boldness and humility. We have been so encouraged from many people already giving toward our support. We have been overwhelmed many times by your generosity!  Please consider joining the support team and helping us build our monthly financial support.  Start here.  Thank you.


  1. I (Troy) would like to request a Drone for filming here at New Hope. To some this may be viewed as a “tool” and to some it may be viewed as a “toy”. It would be easy to use it for both. I almost purchased one before we came, but couldn’t justify using support funds and ran out of personal funds to purchase it. I am asking for specific gifts directly for this “tool”. Telling New Hope’s story in a different way could increase the donation base for them, as well as keep the current supporters up to date on what is going on here at NH. This is one of the reasons I am here. I am asking that this be separate from regular donations because I want people to know that they are donating to this tool. If you wish to help me present NH in a new way, please make a note in your gift that it’s for the “DRONE”.  Goal is $4000


Thanks you all for your encouraging gifts, notes, and packages. We look forward to our first full year ahead in Uganda. The boys say we are ¼ done with our first term here. They miss home a little and get all excited when they think of going home. All in all we are grateful and glad you are apart of our journey here.




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