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Whats new at the Dolgehut these days.  Its been a good month filled with some new things and experiences.  Its hard to compress it all in while hoping the internet does not crash again.

The mendazi is a rugged and extra oily form of a doughnut.  However the appearance may be, they are delightfully good and go well with the coffee or tea during break time.  The British influence of tea time at 10:30 has stuck around.

Speaking of breaks, let me lay out an excuse for being slow at keeping everyone updated.  The hard drive on this computer has crashed or in the failing mode.  What a pain.  A new hard drive has arrived from Alaska and installed.  However the OS needs to be updated, which means a trip back to Kampala to find good internet.  Living in the bush in Africa is almost like the bush in Alaska, without good internet.  So much for the warranty on this mac.


All this to say we are doing well in Uganda and are adapting to the culture and how we fit in here at New Hope.  The relationships we are building with the kids, and ours, is one of our biggest priorities right now.  We have heard some heart wrenching stories from some of the kids about their early life, before New Hope.  Stuff that no child should endure.  Join with us and keep praying for these children.  Its good to see Gods work in their lives.  We look forward to see these relationships grow.

One quick example is of a young boy Taylor’s age.  He works so hard and came to me looking for “jobs”  so they can earn money for whatever.  After about a week of after school working at our house I asked him what he was saving his money for.  He already has saved 20,000 ush, or about $8 and is saving 80,000 ush or about $30 to buy a mattress to sleep on.  “What…  you sleep on the dirt?”  He replies he sometimes sleeps with his older brother.  He worked for most of the cost of the “foam” mattress and we were able to help him with some of the cost.  I have never seen a boy so happy, or smile so big over something like this.  He still works for us and is now saving for a school bag.


Thank you all for being apart of this with us and we apologize for the lack of communication.  Once the computer and internet are better things should improve.  I only have one older picture to stick here.  The new hard drive has nothing on it


This is drive through dining in Uganda







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