No internet

IMG_8401The storms here often hit houses and buildings and sometimes the internet towers.  The tower at New Hope was hit a while ago and fried some components.  Its amazing it works in the first place where we are.  Its been nice to not be “connected” to the world for a while but not so nice when people want to know whats going on over here.  I even went to Kampala looking at vehicles and sat at a cafe to write a post but they were down as well.  But this morning sitting in the admin building at New Hope the world is once again open.  A new hard drive for my computer was ordered and another Alaska team will bring it this way soon.  My mac hard drive is failing and “they” say it may go any minute.


Last month we wrestled malaria with Trigger ( sitting in the clinic ) and now he is on the mend and doing good.  We are accustom to dealing with mosquitoes in Alaska, but in Africa they have become more than just an annoyance.  Instead of “raid” for killing bugs they have more adoring titles, like “doom” and “bap”.  Its war.  We are thankful for modern medicine and cold water.  They boys are in attack mode when they see bugs flying around.


One of the cool things about Africa is the big trees.  Most of them are deep on the forest and quickly being cut down for lumber but the ones at New Hope are safe.  The tire hanging from this tree next to the family has been there many years.  The boys spend their mornings doing homeschool with Sarah and both are finding a routine.  The boys actually get up at 7 some days and start on their math right away, knowing they will have more time in the afternoon to play.

IMG_8784This is the secondary side cafeteria right behind our house.  Each day around one the kids brake for lunch and hang out and fill the air with laughter and sometimes songs.  Its been a busy last week as the kids are doing end of term or some kind of testing.  Its intense and nerve-racking for most of them.  The kids we know will stop by the house asking for prayer and trying to ease their nerves.  Its been encouraging for us as well as we are continuing to see how God is using us.  We are starting to see some special relationships develop between our family and some kids.  We look forward to seeing how these relationships develop over the time we are here.  As my computer battery is now red and the internet being demanded by more people this will be all.  Its been a battle to just get this up on the net. I don’t even have time to edit the mistakes.   Thanks for your continued prayers and emails.


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