Last Birthday in Alaska


Yesterday was our last family birthday party in Alaska for quite some time. Just minutes before the party was to start I was still decorating the cake, trying to pack away my bedroom, grabbing a quick bite to eat, thinking about feeding Trig and selling away our items at the moving sale…the sale that never ends…and I remembered last Friday was our busiest day with the moving sale too. It was pure chaos and I didn’t have a plan. The kids arrived and I remembered how easy our Kenny Lake kids are. You really don’t need a plan. They make their own fun and they quite simply enjoy being together. Pressure was off! But it was most definitely chaos and I just had to go with it (and Troy was stuck in construction traffic). At one point my mom and I just looked at each other and laughed and I sang to her “Welcome to my world”! There were little girls on and over the corner of the couch squealing and giggling and boys in front of us with those punching balloons battling it out with young warrior grunts. The house was all abuzz and full of life for Tobyn’s last party! So much fun and so much chaos!


Right before the party some dear friends stopped by to say goodbye before they head out again. As I hugged her one last time I realized it’s possible I won’t see her again in this life. Five years can change a lot for a grandma figure and she is already facing some health unknowns. And they both know life can change quickly and unexpectedly. They have loved us well, loved my children well, loved my husband well. Tears came upon me suddenly and it took all I had to keep my composure. I don’t want to say any more  good-byes…it’s hard on my heart. In just 9 more days it will be my parents as they head back to Colorado. I can’t go there just yet. Nope. I am gonna just enjoy these next 9 days and deal with good-bye when it is upon me again.


 Every morning my dad asks me, “What’s the plan for today, Sarah?”. Plan? I’ve never done anything on this scale before and I just can’t come up with much of a plan! But each day we are making progress. We keep packing the totes for Uganda, weighing the totes for Uganda, wondering if we will be able to fit all we want to bring in our allotted totes for Uganda…did I mention we are down to 19 days until we fly away to Uganda! Life is full speed ahead! As I think about our family packing up, I can’t help but think and pray for another family in Uganda who is also packing up (their whole household in about 2 days…crazy!!!). We might be moving into their house once we get to Uganda and that could be our home while we are serving on staff at New Hope. It’s a bittersweet thing. I had really looked forward to my new friendship with them, but God does see and He does know and He is always good.  We will post pictures once we are there and settled and you will be amazed, just as we are, of God’s goodness to us! So please keep praying for us, especially now. We need your prayers. They are going to be what gets us through these next 19 days without falling apart (at least for me!!!). And maybe it’s ok to fall apart? There are a lot of changes ahead of us… Here’s your peek into my heart (and mind…scary!) Thanks for praying for us and please don’t stop!




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