54 more days

Our minds and heart are spinning


Another long overdue update! Let me just be honest with you and try to explain all that has been in my heart and mind over these past few months.

We really struggled with whether or not to pay our airline tickets in full. The reason being, our support is not at 100%…in fact we are just over 60%. It seemed to us that we should wait until we had the funds in place (that would be responsible, right??), but we have a team of 8 from our church going with us and I can’t imagine not going over with them. I have to introduce them to those who are dear to my heart and experience with them their first time in Africa. We are walking this fine line between faith and reality. But then again, why can’t faith be our reality? Oh, so many things swirling in our hearts and minds! We talked with fellow missionaries and advisors and all said “Buy your tickets…Don’t wait…God will provide.”

So, we bought our tickets! WE.BOUGHT.OUR.TICKETS!!!

Done! One way.

This is it. We are on the home front. Troy’s last day of work is June 2nd. I try not to panic as I think about that. We still have life here for 54 more days…bills still coming, family members coming to visit, so many supplies still to buy for Uganda. God, you know how far this money has to stretch, right?

We are committed and there is no turning back and it’s so exciting and SCARY!


We are going, where?

The boys had another last yesterday with the ending of another school year. My heart was so proud as I watched them receive awards from their teachers for their character, their hard work, and their humor! I got a kick out of watching my Trevor shine with the microphone as he fearlessly lead the whole elementary in song after song to honor our retiring Ms. Schierholt. How did Trevor become so comfortable with a microphone? We visited with families at the annual Last Day of School Picnic and I watched them running around with their buddies. They don’t know the impact of our decision to spend the next 5 years in Uganda. They are excited, but they don’t know how they will miss this beautiful community who has shaped us, loved us, hurt us, challenged us, given to us…all those things that goes with life in community…the good and the bad. They will miss, I WILL MISS, Kenny Lake.


Life is hectic as I try to pack, sort, give away, and throwaway years of life. It’s just stuff…most of it. We are supposed to be showing the house to sell it and I’m thankful people have not stopped by yet. It will look better soon, but right now there are boxes and piles everywhere! There is so much to prepare for! I’ve spent time researching home school material, cloth diapers, compiling list after list of what we will need for Uganda, what gluten free supplies I can’t buy there, what baby pack do I need to get for Trigger, can we live without this and that? If our house doesn’t sell, should we rent it out or just close it up? Why is Trig so cranky? Why am I so exhausted? I can rest once we get to Uganda! My thoughts have literally been all over the board!

While I panic over all that needs to happen in the next 54 days, I also come to tears when I think about the people in Uganda we will see again soon! One girl writes that she can’t wait to meet Trigger and she is ready to help take care of him when we arrive. Another young adult messages me on Facebook and says he is praying for us. I am so humbled by the love and prayers of those dear ones in Uganda. We are not forgotten and they are waiting in anticipation for our arrival! Thank you Jesus for your precious gifts beyond my own family!


We need your prayers. As you might sense from what I have written, it’s so easy to lose sight of what matters at times. I can really get wrapped up in details that may not be worth my time and energy. Did I need to spend a whole day agonizing over the right kind of cloth diaper for Trig. Was the $50 I save on a baby carrier worth all the time it took me to find that best deal? I don’t know, but I am trying to be wise with our funds as well. My mind continues to swirl even now! Please pray that I would be able to prioritize what matters most. Please pray that I would rest in what God is doing, but also do the footwork I need to do.

I have to let you know that we do need you. If you have been meaning to join our team and partner with us in our ministry to the orphaned of Uganda…Now is the time! You can take care of that on our website or NHUM website at www.newhopeuganda.org, click the blue donate link. We are considered foreign staff and our names need to go in the comment box. We truly are strengthened and so encouraged to have you on our team and we look forward to having ongoing relationship with you. We look forward to sharing with you what God is doing in the hearts of the young ones at New Hope.

I know this post is very scattered, but I wanted you to get a true picture of all that is in my heart. My thoughts jump from one thing to another. I struggle with faith and practicality. This journey has and continues to be so very stretching. It’s good. I need stretching!

God still my heart. Help me to swiftly get done those things I need to do. Help me to let go of what does not matter. Help me to spend time with the people I need to and give me wisdom to walk my children through these inevitable good-byes.


54 more days…

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