As you can see from our 4-month silence, life has been very busy with the arrival of little Trigger Lawson to our family. Between adjusting to life with a newborn and Troy’s new work schedule taking him away from home for 3 weeks at a time…we are sill trying to get used to the constant ebb and flow of our lives! Smack in the middle of it all, we are planning for and moving forward with our plans to return to Uganda.


This has been quite the journey, and if I am completely honest, my heart pounds and my breath becomes shallow as I count down to only 5 months before our life changing move takes place. I’ve been absolutely certain and have told all my friends with utmost confidence that this is God’s plan and He will make it happen…though I have no idea how. At this very moment, I am focusing more on the “I have no idea how” part of that statement. We are definitely making headway and many things are falling in to place, but we are so far from being able to actually move and the days keep ticking by.


For instance, I finally have a good grasp on the direction I want to take with home schooling the boys. I’m finally at the point where I am excited more than I am nervous that their future education, whether they sink or swim, lies in my ability to teach them. I’m also realizing that thinking is not necessarily true, it’s not the whole picture. Home schooling is falling into place and I am excited and really am seeing it as a privilege these days!


Troy has worked some over time and has sold many fur hats at work to buy some essential equipment for his job at New Hope. Little by little we are chipping away at what we need and God has and continues to be faithful. Our house fund jumped from just under $1000 to $17,000 in a matter of weeks. We were truly amazed and so thankful for people’s generosity and again, God’s faithfulness.


I’m embarrassed to say I’ve been focusing on the “I have no idea how” part. He’s faithful now and always has been. But if I am going to be honest, I’m getting nervous. We’ve put it all on the line, we’re willing to go, sell our house, our suburban, most of our “things” and go. That’s not that noble really…our “things really aren’t that nice…but we are willing. It’s really difficult to go from being independent, working for a living, to depending completely on God’s people and maybe even strangers to rise up and commit to supporting us. It’s such a shift for us.  We look at the time we have left, the money left to raise and it seems so unlikely that it will work out. But God does do unlikely things, doesn’t He? All we can do is move forward and ask Him to meet those needs and answer our prayers and prove His faithfulness once again. How quickly I forget! So I will remind myself again that this is God’s plan and He will make it happen, though I have no idea how. This time, I hope my heart clings to the first part of that statement. This is God’s plan for us and HeWILL…make it happen…


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