One Last…

One last…

As we get closer to our time to return to Uganda, I keep finding myself viewing life in this one statement, “One Last…”. One last time to process salmon before we go to Uganda.One last moose hunt for Troy before we go to Uganda. One last trip to the state fair. One last school year for the boys before…Uganda. One last baby, one last Thanksgiving, Christmas, Taylor’s b-day, Trevor’s b-day, Tobyn’s b-day…One last…

Salmon-1 boys-1 berry-1

It’s funny how you take it all in when you know it will not be experienced again for a long time. I’ve wanted to make it all count. I wanted to hit the jack pot in blueberry picking this summer and have the best garden ever and go camping and visit Denali and all those things we’ve meant to get around to, but haven’t made time for yet. I did not hit the jack pot in blueberries, my garden just plain stunk (although I have the tiniest heads of broccoli in the valley, it is something!), we haven’t gone camping or visited Denali! BUT, we are going to Uganda! It’s ok if all these “lasts” aren’t exactly what I imagine they should be. Our lives are full and God did bless us with many things this summer. Our freezer is full of salmon that will last us the year through, we did go to the state fair for the first time in 5 years, we finished the boy’s room so we can actually sell our home if we need to, we had more sunshine and days at squirrel creek and the lake than I can remember in many years here in Alaska. I did the 5k Fun Run with Taylor, and all my boys, at the Kenny Lake Fair. It’s been a full season.

In just a few weeks I’ll get to experience one last little baby in our family (at least that’s our plan!). I look forward to this time. To those special moments. One last…

We appreciate your prayers in the next few months. It’s really overwhelming to think about all that needs to fall into place before we can actually head out. We still need 75% of our monthly support. It’s looking more and more like we’ll be doing home school independently, out of pocket. We need funds to build a home in Uganda, to buy a vehicle and all the media equipment to take over with us. Overwhelming! But I keep clinging to the fact that this is God’s plan for us and He is going to make it happen. I don’t see how…I don’t need to see how. I know who God is and He has never let me down.


Thank you for being on this journey with us. Before we know it, we’ll be looking at life through  “Our first…”


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